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Analytical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Quality Special Interest Group

Analytical science and pharmaceutical quality (ASPQ) is one of the most important and challenging disciplines in the pharmaceutical drug discovery, development and manufacture. Quality control based on analytical science is necessary and indispensable for safety and effective use of medicine.

Besides its traditional role in small molecule drug development, the impact of ASPQ on developing biopharmaceuticals (including vaccines and protein products) to meet patients’ needs around the world has become increasingly important in recent years.


About us and our objectives

The purposes of FIP’s Special Interest Group on Analytical Science and Pharmaceutical Quality are to: 

  • Provide educational opportunities for students, researchers, academics, manufacturers and pharmaceutical practitioners who are interested in developing knowledge of analytical science and pharmaceutical quality via workshops, conferences and training programmes.
  • Provide a platform for experts in analytical science and pharmaceutical quality to discuss the most recent progress of the innovative approaches and technologies including separation science, spectroscopy analysis and surface analysis to address the current and future needs and challenges.
  • Working with special interest groups in the other disciplines to promote knowledge sharing in communities of pharmaceutical science and practitioners, to help shape and advance best practices of pharmaceutical science in order to provide the best medicines for patients. 


How we work

The interim chair of this group is Prof. Masaru Kato (Japan). The Vice-Chair is Dr Miranda Sertic (Croatia).

Prof. Masaru Kato Dr Miranda Sertic

Prof. Masaru Kato

Dr Miranda Sertic


Our recent activities include:

  • The organisation of a scientific symposium about new analytical technology. More than 100 scientists joined the symposium. 

Contact/Get involved

For more information on this SIG, please contact Prof. Kato at

Last update 12 November 2019

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