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Resources from
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In memoriam



FIP Guidance on COVID-19

This guidance is based on the available evidence and the recommendations of reputable organisations such as the World Health Organization, the United States and the European Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and others, at the time of publishing. Knowledge on COVID-19 is rapidly changing and recommendations may change accordingly. Although FIP will strive to keep these guidelines up to date, we recommend consulting the websites of these organisations and any newly available evidence for the most recent updates. Our guidance is divided into four sections. Guidance specifically for community, hospital and clinical biology sectors can be found in Section 2 “Guidelines for pharmacists and the pharmacy workforce”. The guidance is supplemented with summaries and it is accessible here.


Other FIP resources

FIP call to action to support pharmacists and pharmacy workers on the coronavirus/COVID-19 frontline
This call to action is also available in ArabicChineseFrench, Greek, ItalianMontenegrin, PortugueseRussian, Serbian and Spanish. More translations to come.


COVID-19 vaccinations

Argentina: According to a report on 6 January 39,599 doses of Sputnik V have been administered to health care professionals.1,088 adverse events were registered, of which 97.7% were mild.

Australia: Pharmacies will begin to vaccinate in mid-2021, when the vaccination will be extended to groups of the general population (more here). The requirements for training and certifying pharmacists as vaccinators have been modified to allow the theoretical part of this training to be done online; also, the requirement for pharmacists to have a prior first-aid certificate is temporarily waived (more here).

Brazil:In January, the country announced that it would manufacture the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, but that the entire production would be exported to other Latin American countries that had already approved the vaccine, including Argentina and Bolivia. Also in January, Reuters reported on a Brazilian study indicating that China’s Sinovac vaccine is 78% but experts have called for more transparency on the data.

Canada:The Canadian Pharmacists Association and Neighbourhood Pharmacies have issued recommendations on COVID-19 vaccines and pharmacy readiness.

Ireland: The Irish Government’s National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy and Implementation Plan explicitly include community pharmacies alongside GPs as vaccine access locations. Below are three recent Statutory Instruments (i.e. Ministerial Regulations) that are relevant:

• S.I. No. 698 of 2020 allows COVID-19 vaccination by a range of persons including community pharmacists wherever deemed suitable and also covers records required;
• S.I. No. 1 of 2021 allows hospitals who do not hold wholesaler licences to supply COVID-19 vaccines to persons authorised to administer them, which would include community pharmacies;
• S.I. No. 2 of 2021 permits six doses of Comirnaty® (Pfizer) to be administered from each vial (instead of five)
Clinical Guidance for Covid‐19 Vaccination (6 January 2021)

UK: The Adam Smith Institute published a position paper (4 January) calling for the acceleration of vaccination against COVID-19, and one of the main measures proposed is vaccination in pharmacies. Some community pharmacies will start administering vaccinations on 11 January (more here). The Tony Blair Insitute published "A blueprint for accelerated vaccine rollout" on 6 January.

USA: Vaccination in pharmacies, limited to priority groups, has started (more here). Vaccinations in geriatric care centres are largely carried out by pharmacists (more here).

Resources from FIP members and others*

*Please note that this sharing of guidance and examples from our member organisations and others is not an endorsement of these materials and we can take no responsibility for their accuracy or their being up-to-date.


LiveWell Initiative: Guidance to support pharmacists in the African region in the management of COVID-19.


Pharmaceutical Confederation of Argentina: "Protocolo COFA de actuación en la farmacia comunitaria ante la pandemia de coronavirus"


Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations:


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Medicines management in COVID-19 resources

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia:

Pharmacy Guild of Australia: Information and guidance for community pharmacies in Australia

University of Melbourne: The lessons from past pandemics


Austrian Pharmacists Chamber:  "Measures taken in the wake of the corona crisis concerning community pharmacies in Austria"


Association Pharmaceutique Belge (APB): COVID-19 information website


Brazilian Federal Council of Pharmacy:


Canadian Pharmacists Association:


Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, Government of Hong Kong SAR: Severe respiratory disease associated with a novel infectious agent (information and resource centre) (Simplified Chinese)

Chinese Pharmaceutical Association:

  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak prevention and control: Guidance and management strategies for pharmacists and the pharmacy workforce  Chinese    English
  • Expert consensus to guide the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic for retail pharmacy staff Chinese    English
  • Hospital pharmacy professional committee expert consensus on rational drug use in clinical practice for COVID-19  Chinese    English

Zhejiang Hospital Pharmacy Administration & Quality Control Centre: Suggestions about diagnosis and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia in pharmacy work

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University Protection strategies of pharmaceutical posts, pharmacists and logistics personnel in the context of novel coronavirus infection

China Taiwan

Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists: Community Pharmacists in Taiwan at the Frontline Against the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic: Gatekeepers for the Rationing of Personal Protective Equipment"

Commonwealth of nations

Commonwealth Pharmacists Association: How to Manufacture Alcohol Hand Rub: Training video launched to support COVID-19 response

Costa Rica

College of Pharmacists of Costa Rica:


"COVID-19 guidance"


"COVID-19: 10 step guidance for pharmacy teams"


European Association of Hospital Pharmacists: COVID-19 Resource Centre

European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlNovel coronavirus

Pharmaceutical Group of European Union: COVID-19 Information Hub


"Advice for pharmacies"

French Chamber of Pharmacists:

COVID-19 Information for pharmacists

Ministère des Solidaritès et de la Santé: COVID-19 hub

The International Conference of French-speaking Chambers of Pharmacists (CIOPF):

COVID-19 News, resources and information



Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists:


Ministry of Health Greece: Instructions for protection against respiratory infection from the new coronavirus

Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists (PEPharm): COVID-19

National Pubic Health Organization: New Covid-19 corona - Instructions




The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan: COVID-19 News


Ministry of public healthGuide to avoid coronavirus infection


"COVID-19 pandemic guidance document for Malaysian pharmacists"  English    Malaysian


Nepal Pharmaceutical Association: COVID-19 Guideline for pharmacists and pharmacy assistant


The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association 

The Dutch Minister of Health recognizes the role of Dutch pharmacists in a letter addressed to The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association and in a message addressed to Dutch Parliament.


COVID-19. Ten steps guidance for pharmacy teams. English  Arabic.


Philippine Pharmacists Association: Community Pharmacy Guide COVID-19 Preparedness


Actions against COVID (Portuguese Pharmaceutical SocietyPortuguese Pharmaceutical Society and National Association of Pharmacies of Portugal)

Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society:

National Association of Pharmacies of Portugal:

Pharmacy's response to COVID-19: A virtual exhibition. How to participate? Watch this interview to Joao Neto, curator, Pharmacy Museum of the National Association of Pharmacies of Portugal.

"Boas Practicas e estrategias a adopter pelas farmacias"

ANF Thank you pharmacies video

APFH - Associação Portuguesa de Farmacêuticos Hospitalares

Hospital pharmacy recommendations


Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia

"КОРОНА ВИРУС SARS-CoV-2 Информације и привремене смернице за фармацеуте и апотекарску делатност"


University of Ljubljana

"COVID-19 aktualne informacije"


General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain:



Turkish Pharmacists Association

"COVID-19 Hub"


Ministry of health and preventionGuide for coronavirus 


Proposal on sustainable hand hygiene in low- and middle-income countries

United Kingdom

Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS): Coronavirus info

British Medical Journal – Best PracticeOverview of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support

PhRMA (biopharmaceutical research companies): Member Company Efforts to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

Royal Pharmaceutical Society: 

The Lancet: SARS-CoV-2 Resource Centre (open access)

The Pharmaceutical Journal: Everything you should know about the coronavirus outbreak

UK Government: How tests and testing kits for coronavirus (COVID-19) work

United Nations





Association of Chemistry and Pharmacy:


American Pharmacists Association: "COVID-19 Practice Resources"

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 2019 novel coronavirus

Johns Hopkins University –Center for Systems Science and EngineeringSARS-CoV-2 Global Cases update

National Academy of Medicine: Coronavirus resources

National Institutes of Health: COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences & Colorado Pharmacists Society: "COVID-19: Implications for Pharmacists" (PowerPoint slides)

United States Pharmacopeia:

Wiley Scientific Publisher: Coronavirus research centre

Questions from FIP members and member organisations

End of life care


Articles & Other



FIP COVID-19 Timeline

 COVID19 Timeline 16 July


In memoriam

Pharmacy teams are risking their lives to continue to provide health care to their communities and support our health systems during this coronavirus pandemic. Inevitably, deaths of colleagues from COVID-19 are being reported to FIP from around the world.  With this list, we would like to make sure that none of these colleagues are forgotten.

Adriana Alia Gómez (Spain)
Camillo Alinovi (Italy)
Oscar J. Álvarez Rodríguez (Spain)
Teresa Baca Cruces (Spain)
Jayesh Bhanubhai Patel (UK)
Reanna Casalini (Italy)
Victor Chanda (Zambia)
Florentina Cimiano Valera (Spain)
Raffaele Corbellini (Italy) 
María del Carmen Cuadrado (Spain)
Sean D.Boynes (USA)
Paolo D’Ambrogi (Italy)
Francesco De Donno (Italy) 
Santiago Díez García (Spain)
İsmail Durmuş (Turkey)
Patrizio Forti Paolini (Italy) 
Amparo Gadea (Spain)
Pedro García  (Spain)
İhsan Giray (Turkey)
Julio Gutiérrez Montalvo (Spain)
Himmet Taştan Kardaşlar (Turkey) 
Fernando Marcantonio (Italy) 
Fermín Martínez (USA)
Abdelilah Mesfioui (Morocco)
José Tomás Mijimolle (Spain) 
Ekrem Özdemir (Pharmacy technician, Turkey)
Shashikant Parekh (UK)
Mehool Patel (UK)
Hilario Pellín (Spain)
Antonio Perani (Italy)
Nieves Quiralte Abello (Spain)
Birender Rawat (UK)
Michel Renson (Belgium)
Lorenzo Repetto (Italy)
Daniela Rigoni (Italy)
Manuel Ruiz (Spain)
Francisco Javier Santamaría Blanco (Spain)
Yves-Emmanuel Segui (USA)
Pooja Sharma (Hospital pharmacist, UK) 
Mandy Siddorn (Community pharmacy technician, UK) 
Süreyya Sıpkınkurt (Turkey) 
Yingjie Song (China) 
Navin Shantilal Talati (UK)
Antonio Tilli (Italy)
Taki Turkyilmaz (Turkey)
Merih Yalçınöz (Turkey) 
Yücel Yildirim (Turkey)
Jermaine Wright (UK) 
Luis (surname withheld) (Spain)
Pharmacist (name withheld) (Spain)
Pharmacist (name withheld) (Spain)
Pharmacist (name withheld) (Spain)
Pharmacist (name withheld) (Spain)

Last update 20 January 2021

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