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Community pharmacy section activities


CPS members can access online continuing education. 

CPS Summit in Buenos Aires

CPS held its inaugural regional summit in Latin America on March 6, 2024. This summit, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, brought together 100 pharmacists from 6 countries in the region and provided an enriching experience full of mutual opportunities for knowledge exchange and professional growth. Programme is here.


At the FIP congress  

During the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the CPS organises a week-long programme, aligned with the overall congress topic and tailored for community pharmacists, including practitioners, researchers and pharmacy leaders.

The FIP congress is also an important showcase for community pharmacists and we invite you to present your work, either as a short oral communication or as posters.

Our section’s annual steering committee meeting is also held during the congress.

Participating in the congress gives you opportunities to benchmark, learn from pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences colleagues from all over the world and make new friends. In addition to continuing education, there’s a lot of fun to be had at the CPS dinner, showcase and welcome reception.

Focus on humanitarian work

For a number of years, the Community Pharmacy Section (and, since 2012, jointly with the Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section) has organised a breakfast session at the FIP congress to highlight the activities of pharmacists above and beyond their core responsibilities. Recent sessions include:

Presentations from FIP congresses

CPS  by Marwan Akel

"The Humanitarian Face of Pharmacy:
The Lebanese Experience" by Marwan

CPS by Lars Rönnbäc


CPS by Melanie Morrow

"Role of pharmacists in HIV/AIDS in Uganda" 
by Lars Rönnbäck (2017)


"Emergency Medical Teams in the Field
by Melanie Morrow Australia (2017)


CPS by Mila Avila


CPS by Carina Vetye

“Apothecary Project: Pharmacists promoting
sustainable development” 
by Mila Avila Olias (2016)


“Addressing communicable &
non-communicable diseases in areas of
Buenos Aires
”  by Dr. Carina Vetye (2016)


CPS by Bruce Eshaya-Chauvin


CPS by Diana Lamarre

"Health Care in Danger" 
by Bruce Eshaya-Chauvin (2015)


"Pharmaceutical Care & Humanitarian Aid" 
by Diane Lamarre (2015)


CPS by Warren Meek


CPS by Regis Vaillancourt

“Practical Points of Humanitarian 
Pharmacist Aid” by Warren Meek (2014)

“Legislations: Pharmacists in Natural
by Régis Vaillancourt (2014)


If you have a story to tell, Email with the subject line “Pharmacist in humanitarian work”!

CPS Poster Award

The Community Pharmacy Section of FIP introduced a Poster Award in 2006. The overall purpose with the award is to encourage community pharmacy practice research and development and to share experiences and results with other pharmacists through quality poster presentations at the annual congress of FIP.

The Section has a strong commitment to pharmacy practice research and development. Poster exhibitions and short oral communications based on received abstracts is a long tradition.

2023 winners

  • 1st prize (500€): Hepatitis B Virus Awareness and Vaccination Using Implementation Strategies in Rural Communities Outreaches. Beatrice Mbah. Nigeria
  • 2nd prize (300€): Community Pharmacists as Antimicrobial Gatekeepers and Guardians: Exploring the Views of Pharmacy Professional Organizations and Consumers. Kathryn Lim. Australia
  • 3rd prize (200€): Empowering Community Pharmacists to Prescribe Preventative HIV Medications in the United States of America. Loriann de Martini. USA
  • 4th prize (1-year FIP membership): Measuring Patient Counseling Time in Community Pharmacy. Jouni Vuorinen. Finland.
  • 5th prize (1-year FIP membership): Survey of How Community Pharmacies in Urban Areas Deal with non-Japanese Patients. Shota Suzuki. Japan.


Criteria for entries here.  



To keep our members updated with the latest pharmacy practice discussions, research and CPS activities, we send them periodic newsletter communications, up to six times a year. 

100 Community Pharmacists Talking

To mark FIP’s centennial year, the Community Pharmacy Section showcased 100 community pharmacists from around the world in a video “100 Pharmacists Talking”. 

Last update 24 June 2024

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