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Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section activities


We offer webinars related to military and emergency practice.

Previous webinars are accessible to FIP members here.

At the FIP congress

Military and emergency pharmacy colleagues from around the world gather annually at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The section meets as a whole during the last two congress days of which one day is usually organised by the military of the host country. This normally involves a visit to a local military establishment (navy, army or airforce) where members are shown different evacuation methods, deployable hospital containerisation, field surgical facilities, various training methods, etc. Specialised companies may also be invited by the host to demonstrate new medicines or medical material appropriate to military medicine.

The other day is a “classroom” day with presentations based on the main theme of each congress.

Examples of previous topics include:

  • Humanitarian and disaster relief (HA/DR) responses
  • Making medicines information understandable to the illiterate/uneducated (e.g, pictograms)
  • Role of the pharmacist in pandemics (eg. influenza, cholera)
  • Role of the pharmacist in the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Law and order in emergency pharmacy practice
  • Role of the pharmacist in managing emerging diseases
  • Disaster situations — dealing with the personal aftermath
  • Creating progress through innovative policy decisions in emergency situations
  • Pharmacy health policy for management in military and emergency pharmacy practice
  • Pharmacologistics: Getting medicines to patients in emergency situations
  • FIP-Red Cross Healthcare In Danger Campaign: Working in emergency situations

 MEPS photo

Morón Air Base, Spain, 22 September 2022


We regularly publish newsletters containing information about developments in our field, papers, personal experiences, summaries of congress presentations and much more. Military and emergency pharmacists take being excellent communicators to the next level by being able to do it in a wide variety of abnormal environments. Furthermore, MEPS members regularly communicate via group emails, the FIP online discussion forum and face-to-face. MEPS members can access newsletters here.

If anyone has anything to share with the section, please contact the MEPS communications manager, Wendy Walker (

Special projects

The FIP MEPS frequently establishes working groups of interested members to investigate special topics and report their findings. These topics include:

Last update 20 March 2023

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