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Formulation design and pharmaceutical technology special interest group

Safety and clinical efficacy of medicines critically depend on the availability of high quality formulations designed to achieve therapeutically-relevant pharmacokinetic drug profiles in patients. Both pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, either through compounding (formulating) of patient-specific dosage forms or design, research, and development of commercial drug products, are vital in facilitating access to safe and efficacious medicines across the globe every day.

About us and our objectives

The Special Interest Group on Formulation Design & Pharmaceutical Technology offers a dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among FIP members, who share a common interest in the design and testing of drug delivery systems. We are a multidisciplinary special interest group (SIG) that focuses on aspects of conventional and novel dosage forms suitable for all routes of administration, including:

  • Pharmacy compounding/Formulating
  • Preformulation
  • Biopharmaceutics/Molecular pharmaceutics
  • Material sciences/excipients
  • Smart drug delivery systems
  • Patient-specific dosage forms (e.g. for children or elderly people)
  • Medical devices/Combination products
  • Nanotechnology
  • Quality by design

“Together We Can Make a Difference”

Drawing on physical, chemical, biological and engineering sciences, our primary goal is to unite compounding pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from diverse scientific disciplines in industry, regulatory agencies, and academia with the objective of enhancing their contributions to global health. 

How we work

Prof. Tetsuya Ozeki (Japan) is acting as interim chair of our group. 

Prof. Tetsuya Ozeki

With support from our membership, we develop formulation-related programme activities at scientific meetings and workshops. In addition, we are committed to offering opportunities for networking, and professional development, including continuing education.


Our recent activities include:

  • The FDPT SIG leadership is excited about the new opportunities for creative partnerships between Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Board of Pharmaceutical Practice members under the umbrella of a common interest in formulation design and pharmaceutical technology. FDPT SIG representatives continue to recruit volunteers from different countries to participate in the development of future programming submissions.
  • The project entitled "Current topics surrounding the formulation of medicine for children". The investigation and education for future pharmacists and researchers in Nagoya City University was selected as the 2018 BPS Special Project. It is the survey of knowledge of the formulation of medicine for children by students at Nagoya City University.

 Contact/Get involved

For more information please contact Prof. Ozeki at

Last update 12 November 2019

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