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PK/PD and systems pharmacology special interest group

Translating PK/PD principles for the optimisation of pharmaceutical care

The intensity and time-course of pharmacological effets (pharmacodynamics, PD) are the results of the complex interplay between drug- and system-specific properties.

The time-course of drug concentrations (pharmacokinetics, PD) represents the driving force for the response to drugs, and major processes regulating drug exposure include absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME / Systems pharmacology).

Clinical outcomes ultimately reflect PK/PD relationships that can be influenced by numerous pharmacological and (patho-)physiological factors.

About us and our goal

The PK/PD and systems pharmacology SIG provides an international forum for the development and evaluation of methodologies that seek to translate PK/PD principles for the optimisation of pharmaceutical care. Our goal is to bring together scientists engaged in aystems pharmacology and PK/PD research with clinical pharmacists to foster collaborations and facilitate the generation and dissemination of new approaches for advancing pharmacotherapy.

We also recognise education and training as a core component of this SIG and are working toward educational opportunities for our global members and recruitment strategies through state-of-the-art programming at the annual FIP congress, as well as new electronic and online platforms.

How we work

The special interest group is chaired by Prof. Stephan Schmidt (USA). Vice chairs are Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki (Japan) and Dr Masoud Jamei (UK).


For more information on this SIG, please contact Prof. Schmidt at

Last update 12 November 2019

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