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Translational research and precision medicine special interest group

pharmaceutical science Translational research focuses on the real-world application of fundamental pharmaceutical science discoveries and technologies. This may include their application to improve drug development programmes and their application in clinical practice to enhance patient health outcomes.

Precision medicine (also known as individualised medicine) is the science of using information about an individual patient (such as genetic differences and drug levels) to optimise the selection of the treatment (e.g. drug, dose and duration) for that patient.

As healthcare becomes more global and resources more limited, there is an even greater need for translational research as part of drug development, such as drug-diagnostic co-development (using biomarkers), first-in-human research using micro-dosing, and in-vivo imaging research. On the other hand, healthcare is also becoming more patient-focused and individualised medicine is now a core concept in the contemporary use of medicines.

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are key players in promoting translational research and individualised medicines in close collaboration with other scientists and healthcare professionals.


About us and our objectives

FIP’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Translational Research and Precision Medicine has the following scopes:

  • Dissemination of the latest research and technological developments in the areas of translational research and individualised medicine to pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.
  • Education of pharmacists in latest evidences for best practice in the areas of translational research and individualised medicine.
  • Discussion from a viewpoint of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists about the regulation and ethical considerations of translational research and individualised medicine.
  • Interactive communication of all stakeholders including pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

This SIG provides a worldwide neutral and independent platform for discussions on translational research and individualised medicine, with the aim of improving global health.



The SIG on Translational Research and Precision Medicine plans and implements workshops and symposia in collaboration with other groups in FIP. At the 2016 FIP congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we co-organised symposia entitled “Personalised anticancer strategy: From innovation to impact” and “Pinpointing precision medicine”. At the FIP congress 2017 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, there were a number of sessions focusing on translational research and individualised medicine, including “Putting precision pharmacotherapy into practice” and “Individualised medicines: An ethical approach”. We also hold sessions at every FIP annual congress, to facilitate an open discussion of contemporary issues in the area and receive participant feedback on future activities.


Contact/Get involved

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Last update 12 November 2019

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